Your Liberty Buddy

It’s nice to take a little jaunt from the Philippines over to Singapore especially during the Summer Months. You can often find some Very Appealing Ladies from the U.K, Scandinavia and other parts of Europe along the shores of Tanjong Beach on Sentosa Island. Feast your peepers on these British Babes above and their fellow Briton Beauties (sans the upper half of their beachwear) at (NSFW)  “Your Liberty Buddy” apologizes for a couple of pics being out of focus since he was trying to master his new camera. The pics are still worth a peek I think. It was amazing how close Duke could get and snap pics without anyone having any heartburn about it at all. The British Ladies didn’t mind and were in fact taking pics of each other all the while too. That day was Hott as Hades in many ways !!!   

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